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What happens when your bills are due and you don't have money to pay them? Your answer might be I'll use a credit card or I'll borrow on my line of credit. But what if your cards and credit lines are maxed out? In situation like this payday loans can save you. Using Payday Loans to borrow money is expensive, but sometimes you don't have a choice and the only alternative is to take a cash advance loan. It's easy to get a payday loan, as most Canadian payday loan companies have very efficient lending process. You need a few minutes to do the paper work, and you'll have the cash you need right away.

Payday loans exist as a last resort for getting cash, when you don't have other less expensive borrowing options. You can use the borrowed money any way you like, but keep in mind that it's better to get a payday loan only in emergencies.

Canadian payday loan companies offer different ways to borrow cash. The first and most obvious option is to go to your local payday loan shop, and get the payday advance there. Another option is to apply for payday loan online. Getting cash advance online gives you the advantage to compare what different payday loan lenders offer and chose the best deal. Online or not getting a payday loan is easy and fast, and sometimes this is the only way to get out of financial trouble.

The loan companies offering payday loans are in this business to make money, no doubt. However they provide useful service by offering payday cash advances to people having financial problems, helping them to get back on their feet when they need it most.

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